About V-PMC


V-Project Management Consulting (V-PMC), LLC is an SBA certified 8(a), woman-owned, disadvantaged-owned, and minority-owned small business enterprise that provides Project, Program, and Portfolio Management (3PM) services to Federal, State, and Commercial clients.  V-PMC was founded in 2009 and our corporate headquarters is located in Germantown, Maryland.  


The vision of V-PMC is to be the Project, Program, and Portfolio Management (3PM) domain experts.


People: To gain, train, and retain Qualified Systems Thinkers.

Contracts: To obtain and sustain Certifications, Contracting Vehicles, and Agreements.

Clients: To attain and maintain Client Relationships.

Processes: To explain, ingrain, and maintain 3PM Best Practice Approaches.


V-PMC has earned the respect of our clients because of our business relationships and our on time delivery of successful projects.

What we will provide to our Clients:

  • Ethical Conduct in our business relationships and project delivery.
  • Consultants who deliver projects within the project constraints.
  • Open Communication for effective and timely response to clients’ needs.
  • Repetitive 3PMO Processes that allow our clients to be able to achieve business goals.
  • Consultants who are System Thinkers and who place their client's needs above their needs.
  • Tailored solutions and best practice approaches to meet their business needs and strategic objectives.


V-PMC is built on having a competitive edge where our people are leaders in the Project, Program, and Portfolio Management & Information Technology industries, who are highly respected by our clients because of their competency, integrity, and trustworthiness.

Who we look for:

  • We select people who are System Thinkers:
  • They see the big picture of things rather than just their part.
  • They treat problems as part of a whole rather than at the individual level.
  • They see inter-relationships rather than linear cause-effect chains.
  • They see processes of change rather than snapshots.
  • We select people who are passionate, principled, values-driven, practical, collaborative, self-motivated, and highly skilled.

What we do for our Employees:

  • We provide an environment where there are continuous opportunities for growth, where employees are challenged, and where dreams are achieved. 
  • We provide personnel development by focusing on continuous improvement of every member of our V-PMC team through certification, training, lessons learned, and providing the right tools.
  • We treat each member of the V-PMC team with respect and dignity.
  • We foster an environment where honesty and ethical conduct are valued and integrity is un-compromised.
  • We foster a caring company culture where each member is treated as a family member, where teamwork overrides individuality, and where compassion is employed when addressing personal and family needs.
  • We provide equitable compensation based on performance, loyalty, team contributions, and market value.

What we expect from our Employees:

  • 3PM Leadership.
  • Adherence to PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
  • Deliverance of 3PMs within known constraints.
  • Honesty and Integrity in everything they do.
  • Loyalty and Commitment to V-PMC and its Clients.
  • Participation in Company sponsored educational and community outreach programs.