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V-PMC is built on having a competitive edge where our people are leaders in the Management and Technology consulting industry and our people become the trusted advisors for the clients they serve. Our culture is based on the people who make up V-PMC.

Who we look for

  • We select people who are System Thinkers:
    • They see the big picture of things rather than just their part
    • They treat problems as part of a whole rather than at the individual level
    • They see inter-relationships rather than linear cause-effect chains
    • They see processes of change rather than snapshots
  • We select people who are passionate, principled, values-driven, practical, collaborative, self-motivated, and highly skilled.

What we do for our Employees
  • We provide an environment where there are continuous opportunities for growth, where employees are challenged, and where dreams are achieved. We provide personnel development by focusing on continuous improvement of every member of our V-PMC team through certification, training, lessons learned, and providing the right tools.
  • We treat each member of the V-PMC team with respect and dignity.
  • We foster an environment where honesty and ethical conduct are valued and integrity is un-compromised.
  • We foster a caring company culture where each member is treated as a family member, where teamwork overrides individuality, and where compassion is employed when addressing personal and family needs.
  • We provide equitable compensation based on performance, loyalty, team contributions, and market value.

What we expect from our Employees

  • EPMO Leadership.
  • Adherence to PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
  • Deliverance of EPMO support within known constraints.
  • Honesty and Integrity in everything they do.
  • Loyalty and Commitment to V-PMC and its Clients.
  • Participation in Company sponsored educational and community outreach programs.