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Senior Project Manager with Systems Engineering Experience

 Position Code:
Depends on Experience
  No. of Positions: 1 Required Degree:
 Bachelor of Science in  Engineering, Math or Science
 Work Location: US-VA-Dulles Years of Experience:
 Date Posted:
 02/03/2017 Category: Systems Engineering, Program Management

  • Support in the development, tracking and reporting of program status against the Integrated Program Schedule (IPS) at the PMR.
  • Manage and track the automation and program level requirements, requirements documents and traceability matrices and report the status of each at the PMR.
  • Develop, track, and report at the PMR the status of all program tasks including but not limited to implementation, automation, policy, training, change management, business process re-engineering, business process consolidation/optimization, safety management system, performance metrics, requirements status, program goals, milestones and documentation.
  • Coordinate and provide internal and external communication with stakeholder organizations and other Government and commercial organizations as required by the COR.
  • Prepare, coordinate and edit the required Joint Resources Council (JRC) Investment Decision Documentation as part of the Investment Analysis (IA) process, and a result of changes to the program.
  • Coordinate and prepare monthly reports for the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Information Technology Dashboard (ITDB) Updates.
  • Support the completion of the annual National Program Capitalization Team (NPCT) Program Overview Questionnaire.
  • Maintain and update the SASO Knowledge Sharing Network (KSN)/SharePoint site. 
  • Develop SASO Program Plans and Strategies as part of program initiation. Update monthly based on changes to the program.
  • Manage Earned Value Management (EVM) tracking and reporting.
  • Consolidate all EVM data for PM review, ensuring EVM is being applied correctly within all program reporting streams, and analyzing EVM data for issues, trends; recommend corrective action. The contractor shall report EVM status monthly during the PMR and quarterly to the JRC.
  • Support to the SASO governing and management boards, committees and teams as required. Support includes assistance with team development, consultation, technical analysis, and guidance, participation in, leading, observation of and/or facilitation of meetings, detailed analysis of issues, recommendations for courses of action, and development of strategies and plans to achieve program goals and objectives.
  • Support in the development and provide input to the business case.
  • Support in developing the Acquisition Program Baseline (APB). The APB establishes the performance, cost, and schedule baselines for an investment program segment.
  • Generate Technical Reports, White Papers and Briefings to support monthly financial and program reviews.
  • Support in the development and maintenance of the SASO program’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) including change management, requirements management, and system support and maintenance. These SOPs reflect the policy and procedures of the SASO program, which are subject to audit.
  • Research, write and present technical reports, briefings and other documentation detailing specific issues and recommended solutions and other courses of action.
  • The Contractor must develop a Quality Control Plan (QCP) that supports the overall SASO Program Office quality assurance plan. 
  • The Contractor must provide System Engineering and Technical support for the following tasks:
    • Manage the process to create and maintain the Program Requirements Document (PRD).
    • Develop and maintain the program Requirements Traceability Matrix.
    • Review and coordinate the review and approval of system test plans, procedures and reports.
    • Monitor technical performance measures and metrics for compliance and variations.
    • Support in the development, coordination, review, update, approval and implementation of the Enterprise Architecture products as required.
    • Develop the Software Quality Assurance Plan and monitor quality adherence and performance.
    • Prepare monthly program technical briefings and presentations.
    • Develop, track, and report system performance metrics monthly at the PMR.
    • Develop and assess the impact of changes to program requirements for hardware, software, user, test, maintenance Interface Requirements Document (IRD) and Interface Control Documents.
    • Perform technical analyses of proposed System Modifications/Change Requests. Support with the development, capture, coordination, processing, editing, approval, implementation, and tracking of engineering changes in accordance with established program procedures.
    • Maintain the change control process, recommend improvements/changes to process as required, and coordinate and staff the recommended changes through the formal change management process. The contractor must ensure each proposed change is evaluated for supportability, reliability, maintainability, availability, performance, schedule and compatibility impact providing assistance to the originator in determining the impact.
    • Support COR in monitoring contractor performance and compliance with program specifications, requirements, goals and metrics and report status monthly at the PMR and program/financial reviews.
    • Assess site-specific data to determine the suitability of the system architecture and interfaces for SASO/SAS suitability.
    • Support in the conduct of the design reviews and comment on engineering drawing packages for adherence to FAA design standards (Advisory Circulars, Standards, Orders, and Specifications).
    • Support System Safety and Safety Risk Management Lead.
    • The Contractor must support new and ongoing FAA initiatives including but not limited to Risk-Based Decision Making (RBDM), Make-Model-Series Workgroup and SMS principles and implementation.
  • The Contractor’s must provide risk management support to include the following tasks:
    • Support the development of a Risk Management Plan at the SASO program Level.
    • Support and chair the monthly SASO Risk Management Board (RMB). Analyze, assess, monitor, and track identified risks. Develop and provide monthly risk status briefing and updated Risk Register for review and discussion.
    • Identify or develop and maintain a risk database containing, at a minimum, the opening date, title, description, probability, and importance.
    • Develop the Risk Report/Risk Register reports, which summarize the planned and potential risk mitigations, the probability of each risk being realized, the effectiveness of the mitigation tasks, and the level of effort spent for risk management tasks.
    • Coordinate with the SASO team and/or other designated representatives and subject matter experts to develop and update risk mitigation plans.
  • The Contractor must provide technical writing and communications support for SASO Program Products.
  • PMP Certification.
  • FAA Experience.
  • At least 5 years of experience developing Requirements and Specifications.
  • At least 5 years of experience in developing and implementing Risk Management processes.
  • At least 5 years of experience in developing and implementing Change Management processes.
  • At least 2 years of experience in determining System Architecture suitability.
  • At least 2 years of experience in Earned Value Management.
  • At least 15 years of experience in the IT Industry.
  • MS SharePoint Experience.
  • MS Project Experience.
  • Public Trust Clearance
  • OMB IT Dashboard Updates Experience
  • FAA AMS Deliverables