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Senior Financial Consultant/Business Analyst

 Position Code:
Depends on Experience
 No. of Positions: 1Required Degree:
Bachelor's Degree
 Work Location: US-MD-Germantown OR US-VA-Dulles Years of Experience:
 Date Posted:
 02/08/2017 Category:Business Administration and Management

  • The Contractor must support the SASO program in performing program management (PM) tasks.
    • Support the coordination and development of the SASO Monthly Program Status and Financial Reports. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Tactical meetings
      • Strategic meetings
      • AVS-1 Program Review
      • Acquisition Quarterly Program Review (AQPR)
      • Integrated Product Team (IPT) and Work Stream planning and technical meetings
      • Capital Investment Team (CIT) review
      • Integrated Baseline Review (IBR)
      • Post-Implementation Reviews (PIR)
      • Other ad hoc business and financial management review
    • Support the coordination and development of the Program Management Review Meeting Agenda, Meeting Minutes and Presentations. This status and financial reporting cycle includes the:
      • PMR
      • Risk Management Board (RMB) meeting
    • Support in the development, tracking and reporting of program status against the Integrated Program Schedule (IPS) at the PMR
    • Manage and track the automation and program level requirements, requirements documents and traceability matrices and report the status of each at the PMR
    • Develop, track, and report at the PMR the status of all program tasks including but not limited to implementation, automation, policy, training, change management, business process reengineering, business process consolidation/optimization, safety management system, performance metrics, requirements status, program goals, milestones and documentation
    • Coordinate and provide internal and external communication with stakeholder organizations and other Government and commercial organizations as required by the COR
    • Prepare, coordinate and edit the required Joint Resources Council (JRC) Investment Decision Documentation as part of the Investment Analysis (IA) process, and a result of changes to the program
    • Coordinate and prepare monthly reports for the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Information Technology Dashboard (ITDB) Updates
    • Support the completion of the annual National Program Capitalization Team (NPCT) Program Overview Questionnaire
    • Maintain and update the SASO Knowledge Sharing Network (KSN)/SharePoint site. This will include maintaining the SASO program document and deliverables repository, site administration, performing user and group maintenance, assisting in the design, development, management of the site, and actively participating with other teams within AFS and provide technical assistance to enhance the SASO knowledge content of the site
    • Develop SASO Program Plans and Strategies as part of program initiation. Update monthly based on changes to the program
    • Manage Earned Value Management (EVM) tracking and reporting
    • Consolidate all EVM data for PM review, ensuring EVM is being applied correctly within all program reporting streams, and analyzing EVM data for issues, trends; recommend corrective action. The contractor shall report EVM status monthly during the PMR and quarterly to the JRC
    • Support to the SASO governing and management boards, committees and teams as required. Support includes assistance with team development, consultation, technical analysis, and guidance, participation in, leading, observation of and/or facilitation of meetings, detailed analysis of issues, recommendations for courses of action, and development of strategies and plans to achieve program goals and objectives
    • Support in the development and provide input to the business case
    • Support in developing the Acquisition Program Baseline (APB). The APB establishes the performance, cost, and schedule baselines for an investment program segment
    • Generate Technical Reports, White Papers and Briefings to support monthly financial and program reviews
    • Support in the development and maintenance of the SASO program’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) including change management, requirements management, and system support and maintenance. These SOPs reflect the policy and procedures of the SASO program, which are subject to audit
    • Research, write and present technical reports, briefings and other documentation detailing specific issues and recommended solutions and other courses of action
  • The Contractor must support FAA/Department of Transportation (DOT)/OMB budget processes and support the SASO program management team in the preparation and coordination of the required financial and supporting documentation using FAA, DOT and OMB guidelines.
  • The Contractor must perform the following financial tracking and reporting tasks and prepare and coordinate the associated program and financial documentation in support of Financial Management and reporting process.
    • Develop Program Travel Budgets and Plans, reconcile and revise plans against actual travel expenditures, and prepare status and affordability reports
    • Analyze prime and sub vendor financial status reports to assess performance against program baselines and budgets. Support in determining program funding requirements
    • Support in the annual preparation and coordination of the Resource Planning Document (RPD)
    • Support in the development and maintenance of program spend plans
    • Access, update, and analyze data and generate Ad Hoc Financial Reports from the following FAA financial systems, as required, including:
      • Financial Management System (FMS)
      • Budget Tracking Tool (BTT)
      • Corporate Work Plan (CWP)
      • Simplified Program Information Reporting & Evaluation Tool (SPIRE)
      • Regional Information System (REGIS)
      • E2 Solutions (travel system)
      • DELPHI (financial management system)
    • Support in the annual development, coordination and update of the OMB Budget Exhibit Major IT Business Case (MIBC)/MIBC Detail (MIBCD)
    • Support in the semiannual preparation and coordination of program Financial White Sheets
    • Support in the semiannual preparation and coordination of Capital Investment Plan (CIP) Updates
    • Support the business financial manager in the annual preparation of the Transition to Operations and Maintenance (TOM) Worksheets for in-service operations funding planning
    • Support the program lifecycle cost analysts in developing and populating a Cost-Benefit Model that breaks-out dollars by appropriation, WBS element and time phase by fiscal year
    • Develop Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCE) to support new SOW and the procurement action (PA) process. The Government will provide the applicable IGCE template
    • Estimate variations of life-cycle cost and benefits due to changes in technical, design, configuration, schedule, support, interface and implementation parameters
    • Support the annual budget formulation and budget execution processes and provide technical assistance in performing the analysis, development, tracking and adjustment of the current year budget and multi-year financial plans, procurement plans, position management information, budget narratives, associated briefings, reports and Electronic Information System (EIS) requirements
    • Prepare monthly program status reports and affordability assessments
    • Conduct Trade-Off Analysis to assist in budget trade-off decisions.
  • PMP Certification.
  • FAA Experience.
  • At least 5 years of experience developing Project Schedules and Budget.
  • At least 5 years of experience in developing and implementing Risk Management processes.
  • At least 5 years of experience in Program Management.
  • At least 5 years of experience in Financial Management.
  • At least 5 years of experience in Earned Value Management.
  • At least 15 years of experience in the IT Industry.
  • MS SharePoint Experience.
  • MS Project Experience.
  • Public Trust Clearance
  • OMB IT Dashboard Updates Experience
  • FAA AMS Deliverables