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Configuration Management Manager

 Position Code:
 $85,000 - $100,000
  No. of Positions: 1 Required Degree:
 Bachelor's Degree
 Work Location: US-MD-Rockville Years of Experience:
 Date Posted:
 4/26/2012 Category: Computer Information/Systems Development

  • Manage the Configuration Management Team
  • Operate and continuously improve Configuration Management for all EA Configuration Items (CIs)
  • Develop, implement and automate supporting metrics as defined by the FAA to document adherence to defined configuration management procedures and policies, version control policies and processes to keep stakeholders informed of updates to configuration items that occur via change control or other means
  • Provide seamless support of change management processes and provide recommendations for continuous improvement of Configuration Management functions to ARD managers as necessary
  • Provide documentation of all activities surrounding migrating of any/all assets (including but not limited to hardware, software, code, database) to production operating systems using the FAA's Configuration Management Process in FAA Order 1800.66 and the EA Configuration Management Plan
  • Perform Configuration Management activities which include CM planning and management, Configuration Identification, Change Management, Configuration Status Accounting, Configuration Verification and Audit and Information/Data Management
  • Identify configuration items (CI) and develop appropriate configuration documentation to define each configuration item
  • Develop a product top-down structure that summarizes the total units and configuration documentation for the system or configuration item, and the assignment of unique identifiers, which identify units, and groups of units, in a product
  • Develop, communicate and update change management policies and procedures across the organization
  • Develop, define and enforce change management policies and procedures
  • Ensure that policies comply with pertinent FAA regulations
  • Provide second level support for change management
  • Conduct change management training as required
  • Enhance and facilitate change control board (CCB) proccesses and meetings
  • Develop, implement, and facilitate regularly scheduled meetings for discussion of all upcoming change activity across the Enterprise Architecture Program using a forward schedule of change (FSC)
  • Provide seamless support with related processes and projects
  • Provide support for improvement and streamlining of existing change management procedures for the Enterprise Architecture Program 
  • Document the approved change management policy according to approved CCB Charter and Operating Procedures
  • Manage Change Requests
Required Qualifications:
  • Microsoft SharePoint MOSS 2007 or higher
  • Experience developing Configuration Management and Change Management policies and procedures
  • Experience managing Configuration Items and Change Requests
  • Experience Managing a CCB and facilitating CCB Meetings

Desired Qualifications:

  • FAA Experience
  • Enterprise Architecture Experience
  • FAA's Knowledge Services Network (KSN)