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PL/SQL Programmer

Position Code:
IT-305023-PSP Compensation:
Depends On Experience
No. of Positions: 1 Required Degree:
Bachelor's Degree
Work Location: US-MD-Annapolis Years of Experience:
Date Posted:
5/17/2012 Category: Computer Information/Systems Development
  • Assist and work with JIS technical staff in the configuration, installation, administration and maintenance of the existing ORACLE infrastructure
  • Develop new methodologies and assist in the maintenance of existing backup and recovery processes and procedures
  • Utilize technologies such as Dataguard, Flashback recovery, Streams and log miner
  • Monitor systems for uptime and performance and maintain OEM across 8-10 servers
  • Review performance statistics and provide recommendations and assist in implementation of performance improvements
  • Assist in the evaluation, planning and incorporation of new ORACLE technology into JIS technical infrastructure
  • Assist in the upgrading of the ORACLE Infrastructure to the latest ORACLE versions and patch levels
  • Provide after-hours infrastructure support for emergencies with critical production systems
  • Provide ORACLE Weblogic administration assistance and installation and configuration maintenance with on-going support
  • Assist in the conformance to JIS, AOC auditor, and Legislative audit standards
  • Understand and defend ORACLE database security mechanisms that are in use at JIS
  • Provide Java Development Support services to JIS staff on an as needed basis
  • Help to provide the best practice guidance for Java application development 
  • Provide development support to JIS staff for new and existing PL/SQL packages, procedures and applications
  • Provide quality software engineering skills with respect to design, coding, testing and refactoring of PL/SQL procedures as needed
  • Provide technical experience in configuring Single Sign-On for various applications and utilizing ORACLE products to design and configure an Identity Management Solutions to assist JIS in managing users and accounts across the spectrum of systems supported by JIS
  • Work to prototype, design and deploy an Enterprise Service Bus for use within the JIS application development environments
  • Provide support for the on-going Peoplesoft database and application servers
  • Assist in developing and instituting standards that will meet the requirements of JIS security policy and the DOIT security policy
  • Participate in providing requested material, explaining policy and defending positions to the AOC auditors
  • Identify policy, procedures and assist in promoting applications deployed on Weblogic application servers
  • Maintain, support and understand the architecture so application problems can be identified and corrected quickly and efficiently
  • Provide support for creating and maintaining SQL scripts that support our applications
  • Assist in PL/SQL Development
  • Assist in JIS Application Support
  • Assist in ORACLE Weblogic Support
Required Qualifications:
  • Full understanding of the JIS J2EE architecture including the application tiers, web and database servers and their function within the framework
  • Familiarity with data warehousing design and Extract Transform and Load methodologies
  • Strong knowledge of JAVA
  • ORACLE Weblogic
Desired Qualifications:
  • Experience working in Circuit Court
  • Experience working with the Judicial Information Systems