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Senior Management Analyst

Position Code:
 $85,000 - $100,000
No. of Positions: 1Required Degree:
 Bachelor's Degree
Work Location: US-MD-RockvilleYears of Experience:
Date Posted:
 4/30/2012Category: Business Administration & Management

  • Develop activities, schedules and plans to support the implementation of various evaluation and outreach activities, including those of the external NextGen Advisory Committee
  • Develop communication strategies for internal and external stakeholders
  • Develop processes and coordination required for implementation and application of key performance areas and key performance indicators for NextGen
  • Facilitate management decision making and development and implementation of management strategies to support performance reporting and outreach
  • Prepare and update briefing and communication materials, including briefings, talking points, decision memoranda, white papers, emails and web content updates
  • Design and develop tools and processes for reporting on organizational performance and enhancing outreach
  • Develop and implement process for collecting stakeholder input on processes, products, services via research, interviews and surveys and use that information to inform performance and outreach initiatives
  • Perform analyses to support the development of alternative performance reporting and outreach approaches and processes
  • Prepare draft and final reports on the findings and recommendations of various individuals and groups
  • Assist in designing and conducting quick response studies/projects relating to performance and outreach activities
  • Provide coaching to staff and leadership within NextGen Performance and reporting
  • Meet with management and executive level staff prior to each meeting to understand the meeting requirements, objectives, and desired agenda topics
  • Develop meeting materials that will allow for successful accomplishment of meeting objectives
  • Facilitate meetings with the outcomes in mind and provide highly skilled individuals that can work at the executive levels with expertise in managing and supporting the NextGen Management and Review Boards as well as the NextGen Advisory Committees for organizational effectiveness and executive facilitation support
  • Develop structured approaches to group/team problem solving; to keep discussions on-topic and on-time, adjust agenda topics as needed, and document key decisions and actions
  • Facilitate group processes and the development of group/team products
  • Document the processes and products of group/team meetings
  • Provide continuity across organizational activities and coordinate with others to identify relevant and cross-cutting topics for discussion
Required Qualifications:
  • MS Office - MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher
  • MS SharePoint
  • MS Project
Desired Qualifications:
  • FAA Experience
  • NextGen Experience