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Struggling to improve your FITARA Scores? V-PMC can help..


V-Project Management Consulting (V-PMC), LLC is committed to working with Federal Office of the Chief Information Officers (OCIOs) in the Washington-DC Metro Area and Continental U.S., to develop best practice approach solutions to managing Information Technology (IT) Projects, Programs, and Portfolios to meet Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Regulations such as the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA). 

V-PMC is willing to provide Capital Planning & Investment Control, Earned Value Management Reporting, Risk Management, and PMO Support to ensure your OCIO meets your FITARA compliance.  The results will show in your improved FITARA score.. 

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V-Project Management Consulting (V-PMC), LLC wants Federal Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to succeed in managing their IT Portfolios.  To provide visibility into the IT budgetary resources, personnel, equipment, facilities, and services that the CIO manages, V-PMC will provide qualified Consultants to develop Dashboards and Reports to show the CIOs accountability for IT Costs, Schedules, Performance, and Security.

V-PMC is  based on the premise that all US Government Agencies need seamless 3PMO Consulting Solutions to assist with their constant charge to reduce duplication of effort, waste, cost overruns, and schedule slippages.  The mission of V-PMC is to develop best practice approach solutions using innovative technology to support US Government Agencies in managing Information Technology (IT) Projects, Programs, and Portfolios while staying in compliance with constantly changing Federal Regulations.

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At V-Project Management Consulting (V-PMC), LLC we are passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education.  Our President and CEO believes that Minorities and Girls should be given the chance to gain education in the STEM fields and she has worked with organizations such as IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Local Churches, and Schools to empower more Minorities and Girls to choose STEM fields.  

"Federal Agencies are retiring men in STEM fields annually, and this opens the doors for many Minorities and Girls to choose STEM careers in Federal Government or as Contractors, assisting Federal Government Agencies in meeting their mission", says Varetta Huggins, President & CEO of V-PMC.

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