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Today, many Federal Agencies are faced with a growing list of Federal Regulations and Legislative changes aimed at improving the management of over $80 billion annually in Information Technology Investments.  V-Project Management Consulting (V-PMC), LLC is committed to working with Federal Agencies and their Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to provide 3PMO-Approach Solutions to ensure they meet their Regulatory Compliance goals.

GAO: “… critical that agencies continue to improve their use of incremental development to deliver functionality and reduce the risk that these projects will not meet cost, schedule, and performance goals”.


We advise Federal Government OCIOs on Agile Methodologies to achieve their Project objectives, even more.


GAO: “Federal IT projects have also failed due to a lack of oversight and governance.”.

We advise Federal Government OCIOs on proven strategies to implement their IT Governance best practices, even more.

GAO: “…agencies should demonstrate government-wide progress in the management of IT investments”.

We advise Federal Government OCIOs on leveraging methodologies to streamline Portfolios of IT investments, even more.


GAO:  “The federal government is projected to invest more than $89 billion in IT ... Historically, these investments have frequently failed, incurred cost overruns and schedule slippages, or contributed little to mission-related outcomes”.

We advise Federal Government OCIOs on duplication reduction and cost saving strategies to improve their FITARA Scorecards, even more.


GAO:  … we have made 47 recommendations to OMB and federal agencies to help improve the accuracy and reliability of the information on the IT Dashboard…”.

We advise Federal Government OCIOs on using PPM tools to improve the accuracy and reliability of their Performance Measurement Baselines, even more. 

GAO: “… the federal government has spent billions of dollars on failed and poorly performing IT investments, which often suffered from ineffective management”.

We advise Federal Government OCIOs on configuring SharePoint as a PMIS to effectively manage their IT investments, even more.

GAO: “…agencies are to submit ratings from their CIOs (including ratings of their performance against cost and schedule targets), which, according to OMB’s instructions, should reflect the level of risk facing an investment relative to that investment’s ability to accomplish its goals”.

 We advise Federal Government OCIOs on OMB’s Capital Planning compliance requirements to improve their Performance metrics, even more.

GAO: “To facilitate transparency across the government in acquiring and managing IT investments, OMB established a public website, the IT Dashboard”.

We advise Federal Government OCIOs on developing Dashboards to accurately report their Performance metrics to the IT Dashboard, even more.
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