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$500 billion: 

The Roadmap to Doing Business with the Federal Government

Varetta has published this book to help Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Non-Profit Owners to understand the process to start their business and register to do business with the U.S. Federal Government. This book was written for those in the U.S. and abroad to be able to follow the guidelines to obtain their EIN, UEI, and NCAGE/CAGE code so they can go after the over $500 Billion in Government Contracts and Grants. Join those who already purchased their copy of the book, by clicking the Purchase link on the left. After reading the book, feel free to complete the Book Form and let us know how the book has helped you in your journey. Feel free to leave a great review for Varetta. 

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V-PMC has Government Clients such as DOD, ED, USDT, USDA, USAID, DOJ, WHS, NRCS, OSDBU, MD DOIT, DOT, FAA

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V-PMC has Customers and Partners in North America, Middle East, and Asia

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