If you are not sure how V-PMC can assist you, schedule a Discovery Call and

Varetta will ask you some questions to understand your needs and will recommend your next steps.


Small Business Owners

V-PMC works with Small Business Owners across the U.S. to provide Coaching services in the form of BootCamps, Workshops, Webinars, Seminars, LIVE Learnings, Strategy Sessions, and Virtual Meetings. Varetta meets Small Business Owners at Small Business Expos, Government Events, Community Events, and even on LinkedIn and Thumbtack and she customizes services based on their needs. Small Business Owners who work with V-PMC can rest assured knowing that they are working with a Government Contracting Expert and Business Coach who has the experience, expertise, resilience, and capability to take them to the next level of their business growth. 

Non-Profit Organization Owners

V-PMC works with Non-Profit Organization Owners across the U.S. to provide Coaching services in the form of Workshops, Webinars, Strategy Sessions, and Virtual Meetings.

Most Non-Profit Organization Owners who work with Varetta are seeking U.S. Government Grants or are seeking to re-apply for an existing Government Grant. V-PMC can assist Non-Profit Organization Owners with registering, finding, and applying for Government Grants to help with financing their non-profit organization.



Entrepreneurs who come to V-PMC are seeking assistance and guidance to take their ideas and turn them into actual services or products they can sell to clients. V-PMC works with Entrepreneurs to setup their company, register their company, define the products and services they sell, and make the move from entrepreneur to small business owner. Also to gain the tools, technologies, and accounting needed when selling goods and services. 


Most individuals who come to V-PMC are seeking training services. Training for individuals include Portfolio Management Principles, Program Management Principles, Project Management Principles, Project Management Tools, Consulting, Governance, Leadership or a PMO Discipline.